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with Our Tailored
Lead Generation Methodology

Specializing in PPC for Law and Accounting Firms & Creating Websites That Convert

Targeted Digital Marketing Services

At Markethod, we’re dedicated to specializing in key areas of Digital Marketing. We believe in becoming experts in these chosen domains.
We’re committed to delivering on our promises with a strong focus on transparency, making your trust in us a top priority.

Expertise in Legal
Lead Generation

Tailored strategies that resonate with the unique dynamics of law firms.

Customized Approach

Bespoke strategies aligning with each law firm’s specific goals and needs.

Quality Focus

Emphasis on nurturing high-quality leads for better conversion rates and long-term client relationships.

Transparent Communication

Honesty and clarity in communication, establishing trust-based client relationships.


Enhanced Online Presence

Improves visibility and reputation of law firms on digital platforms.

Increased Client Acquisition

Effectively converts online leads into loyal clients.

Long-Term Client Relationships

Focus on quality leads foster sustainable growth.

Trust and Reliability

Clear and honest communication builds strong client partnerships.

Our Expertise

PPC and Lead Generation

Specializing in PPC, we leverage every click to bring you closer to your next client. Our campaigns are designed not just to attract traffic but to attract the right traffic. By targeting specific keywords and demographics, we ensure that your ads are seen by potential clients actively seeking your services. Continuous optimization based on performance metrics means your campaigns improve over time, increasing your leads and lowering your acquisition costs.

Conversion-Optimized Web Design

Our web designs are crafted with one goal in mind: conversion! From user-friendly layouts to persuasive call-to-actions, we optimize every aspect of your site to turn visitors into leads. We integrate SEO best practices to ensure your site ranks well for relevant searches, increasing your visibility and potential client base. Our approach combines aesthetic appeal with functionality, creating sites that not only look professional but also drive results.

Deep Industry Insight

Our specialization in law and accounting firms means we speak your language. We understand the competitive landscape and have refined our strategies to target your specific market effectively.

Data-Driven Decisions

We operate on a foundation of data-driven insights, ensuring that every campaign adjustment and design choice is informed by real-world analytics and aimed at improving your ROI.

Proven Results

Our commitment to your firm's success is evidenced by our track record. We're proud of the tangible results we've delivered for our clients, from increased leads to higher engagement and conversion rates.


We prioritize openness, honesty, and clear communication. It builds trust, fosters relationships, and drives our commitment to excellence. We take accountability and continuously improve, creating a collaborative environment for success leads through continuous performance analysis.

Why Partner With Us?

Specialized in legal marketing with a comprehensive, tailored approach that covers every aspect of digital marketing, prioritizing quality over quantity in lead generation, we offer:

Our Approach

At Markethod, we blend creativity with analytics. Our strategies are born from a deep understanding of the law practice industry’s digital landscape, refined through continuous learning and adaptation to the digital marketing evolution. Our approach is collaborative and transparent, ensuring you’re informed and engaged at every step of the way.

Let's Achieve Growth Together

Partner with us, and let’s navigate the path to digital excellence together.
We’re ready to put our expertise to work for you, driving your firm towards unprecedented growth and success.

Our Promise

We’re not just another digital marketing agency; we’re your strategic partners in growth. Our promise is to deliver not just leads but quality leads that have a higher likelihood of converting into valuable clients for your firm. With Markethod, you gain a dedicated ally committed to propelling your firm to new heights.

Client Successes

We believe in celebrating victories, big and small. Our clients, from boutique law firms to large accounting practices, have seen transformative growth. Thanks to our focused lead generation strategies. Let us show you how.

Are you ready to elevate your firm's online presence and generate more leads?

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What sets Markethod's lead generation services apart for legal and accounting firms?
Our specialized approach involves daily management of Google Ads, focusing on the nuances of legal and accounting sectors. By employing advanced targeting and continuous optimization, we ensure the leads we deliver are not just numerous, but of high quality and relevance to your firm’s specific services.
Absolutely. We begin our partnership with a detailed discovery session to understand your firm’s specific objectives and practice areas. Our campaigns are custom-built to highlight your firm’s strengths and to target the clients you seek, whether that’s for corporate law, tax services, or any other specialized area.
Results can vary, but generally, our clients begin to see a substantial increase in qualified leads within 3-6 months. Our agile approach to campaign management allows us to fine-tune strategies to the evolving needs of your firm and the market for optimal performance.
Our process is streamlined for efficiency: We begin with a client meeting to understand your needs, followed by a consultation with our Google Ads specialists. Next, we develop and present a tailored proposal for your review. Upon approval, we schedule a project kickoff, gather necessary information, and launch your campaign. To ensure ongoing success, we conduct monthly performance evaluations with you.
We believe in keeping you in the loop. Monthly evaluation meetings and detailed performance reports are standard practice, allowing us to discuss results, gain feedback, and continually refine our approach to enhance the quality of your leads.

What Our Clients Think Of Us

“Markethod transformed our lead generation. Prepare for an overflow of leads!”

Amy D

Sales Director

“I struggled with Google Ads until Markethod stepped in. Essential to my business!”

Aaron J

Marketing Manager

A 17% surge in our Google Ads performance with Markethod!”

Khun Attachai


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