November 9, 2022

LINE shopping, why LINE is Thailand’s super app

What is a super app?

Not a laser shooting out of an eye app, no. A super app, according to Gartner, is a range of component tools (mini-apps) that the user can use and remove as needed, generally the ability to make payments, shop, communicate, and other services on a platform.

When we talk about a super app, we will instantly think of the China-based instant messaging app WeChat right away.

LINE Thailand has been growing over the years with expansion into a variety of services.


LINE Today – a media service with news and contents

LINE Webtoon – Comics available for all ages LINE Stickers – Emojis for self-expression


LINE Game – A collection of games under the LINE corporation


LINE Pay – Payment option easily accessible via the LINE app

LINE BK – Personalized finance and loans


LINE Man – Delivery services for food, packages, groceries, and ride-hailing


LINE Shopping – Shop, make payments, track orders, and interact with sellers are all done on the LINE app

LINE Thailand is no doubt the super app for local Thais. Here are some interesting statistics regarding LINE.

  1. Highest time spent on App in Thailand with 31.02% of total time spent on smartphone being on LINE
  2. 50 Million of the 69 Million total population of Thailand are now LINE users
  3. In 2021, despite being at the peak of the pandemic, LINE Official Account usage saw a growth of 50% across all top 10 industries, especially in Retail & Shopping.
  4. Main Buyers on LINE Shopping are ages between 25-39 and 50+
  5. Highest Valued item sold on LINE Shopping is a house worth 5.9 Million Baht

The super app has been intertwined with the daily lives of a typical local from food to media consumption to online shopping.

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