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Are you a retail or wholesale business that has been considering eCommerce for your business? Do you want to make sales and increase revenue? Are you doing everything right but don’t get enough sales and conversions? Are you considering having a more efficient Fulfillment management strategy?

At Markethod, we offer a range of services to help your business grow its reach, make sales, help you with your omnichannel strategy and increase revenue. As an eCommerce enabler, we offer a one-stop solution including everything you need to build, maintain, and develop your eCommerce business and become a successful seller and reach satisfying growth with your e-business. We offer services related to this area like our digital marketing services, complete eCommerce platform, and fulfillment services all this to be able to offer a complete solution for you

We have the perfect solution for you whether you are looking to build a website or want to make sales directly on your existing website. Contact us for a FREE consultation

Some of the services we offer that help you improve your business

SEO Services

We provide professional search engine optimization (SEO) services and website optimization services. Increase your traffic and rankings by contacting our team of experts today and get the results you need

Marketplace Store Management & Implementation

We help you optimize; your product listing and content, your store, and assist you with your paid advertisement

eCommerce Web Management

Not only do we help you start your eCommerce website, but we also will monitor, maintain and update it for you. Often the business owners are not so tech savvy and do not have the time nor the interest to manage the website. This is where Markethod steps in and takes responsibility for the whole process so you can focus on other important things

Sale Channels integrations

Our platform gives you integration for all your sales channels, which means all Financial, inventory , and order information is accessible in one place

Fulfillment Management

we provide you with state-of-the-art fulfillment management and make sure your order is picked, packed, and shipped to its destination on time

Omnichannel is all about customer experience

Competitive analysis

Omnichannel is all about customer experience. The idea of an omnichannel experience is when eCommerce businesses aspire to offer integrated channels that cater to customers’ choices and actively steer them closer to the maximum efficient and satisfying solution, in other words, seamless and effortless, high-quality customer shopping experiences that occur within and between contact channels.
 You want to give your customers a unique experience by providing them with the same pricing, promotions, and inventory across all your sales channels

you have an online shop, and a brick-and-mortar shop, two different sale channels. You wish that each of these channels gives your customer the same seamless and consistent experience no matter the channel they choose and that they can browse between these channels without meeting any barricades. This leads that a consumer can check your online shop; choosing whatever product he/she wants and pick it up in your physical store. When in-store, your employees can perform an upsell and boost the sales and the order value. This could also lead to more loyal customers. After all, most people will re-visit and purchase the same or other items if they are happy with the merchant. It’s common sense and human behavior, at least that is how we think how it works

the global management company, Omnichannel retailing is making retail more efficient, while consumers have more shopping options. E-commerce has the potential to bring significant benefits to business—such as creating more efficient supply chains, reducing inventory costs, and reducing logistics costs—and to customers; however, it can also disrupt traditional retailers and their business models

At Markethod we offer HodCommerce

which is a one-stop solution and gives your business a comprehensive set of tools to help you implement your Omnichannel Commerce strategy.  With HodCommerce your business becomes more competitive, increases sales, and improves customer engagement by leveraging this omnichannel strategy, through; inventory visibility through all channels, ease and speed of order fulfillment, and improvement of communication tools both externally and internally

HodCommerce integrates

all your sales channels and maintains real-time data so you can deliver a seamless customer experience and increase your sales and growth. It is highly customizable, so we can assist you by providing parts of our solution if you wish, such as channel integrations as mentioned above, delivery and capabilities options, product management, and much more. If you are interested in learning more about our services or want to set up a FREE consultation with our experts? Welcome to contact us today

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Fulfillment Management

Fulfillment Management is an essential part of a customer journey and needs to work perfectly because it’s the key to your brand’s reputation which is connected directly to your company’s profit. No matter how your business model looks like (B2B, B2C, etc.) the sales is not complete until the customer has received his/her products (in a reasonable time)

There are some challenges to consider

To solve challenges, you need to

Constant and high return volumes

More than 40% of consumers start their holiday shopping earlier and this has a side effect; since these consumers are under pressure, they might make a purchase that is not well thought through and build up a pile of items at home only to gift the best ones and later return the rest, this will lead to mass-returns and the merchant needs to be well prepared for this, if not, it will harm the businesses bottom line

Look at two things; How quickly can you handle the returned products and more importantly how well you forecast which of the items are expected to have a high return volume because of the overbuying shopping behavior. The last mentioned takes a lot of time, especially for brands that have in-house fulfillment, it requires logistic managers and data analysis. Partnering with us is one good possibility to manage your returns since we have solid processes for helping you in an easy way

Lack of inventory visibility

Businesses need full visibility and knowledge of their inventory, whether it’s on their shelf at a storefront, in their warehouse, or about to be fulfilled. It’s crucial to have real-time information and if you have enough inventory to cover outstanding orders etc. It’s also essential to have a synchronized inventory among all channels. Not having these things planned properly can lead to failure of having clear inventory visibility which could lead to damaged customer relationships, how? Customers find out that an order he/she places is out of stock (sold out), or in reverse ending up with too much inventory which leads to tied-up capital, so It’s crucial to get your stock levels right

To overcome the challenge of inventory visibility and especially with several sales channels involved, you need a centralized platform that consolidates all orders and synchronizes the inventory to all channels. These platforms are often complex and require highly skilled resources regarding the implementation for each channel – HodCommerce solves this problem since it is built from the ground with these challenges in mind

Cost-efficient packing

When items are handled in the warehouse, after getting the correct items, warehouse personnel must perform a careful and cost-efficient way of packing the products, this is a crucial step because it’s the final chance to correct possible picking mistakes. The item must have the right packaging material, acceptable shipping, and delivery instructions, not exceeding weight limits, and more. Some warehouses that get challenged by increased order volumes must sometime use interns and at the last-minute employ packing personnel. This can raise the risk of errors and mistakes and lead to a delivery problem, high shipping costs and customer dissatisfaction in some cases

We have solid experience, and our pick-and-pack service is handled in the most careful and professional ways; we have a professional warehouse team and well-defined processes which will not only deliver your packages in perfect condition but help you reduce your lead time and much more

Markethod takes care of the whole fulfillment process by; receiving inventory, inventory storage, order processing, pick and pack, shipping, delivery and also return handling

At our warehouse, we make sure your order is picked, packed and shipped to its destination on time. We understand the importance of tracking orders, so we partner with major couriers to make sure your goods are registered automatically and deliver to its destination quickly and securely. Plus, we offer warehouse storage and security, so you can have peace of mind that your goods are safe. Contact us for a free consultation

Markethod takes care of the whole fulfillment process by; receiving inventory, inventory storage, order
pick-and-pack fulfillment service are initiated after an order is placed

Pick-and-pack service

Our pick-and-pack fulfillment service are initiated after an order is placed; the process is performed in our fulfillment center. HodCommerce send order information to the to the order management system (OMS). Our warehouse team takes care of the picking and packing of the sold goods, this is done the same day if the order is placed before our cut-off time. An optimal warehouse design can reduce the pick and pack process lead time, increase efficiency, and reduce operational costs

Customized packing and packaging

We offer a broad range of custom services during the pick-and-pack process; a few include labeling products, inserting leaflets, adding documentation to the package, adding free gifts, etc.

As our customer, you also can have your own packaging material box/tape. If you have any other requirements regarding the packaging, we will happily assist you

We offer a broad range of custom services during the pick-and-pack process
fulfillment status tracking makes it easy for you and your customer to see what the status of the order is at any given time

Fulfillment status tracking

Our fulfillment status tracking makes it easy for you and your customer to see what the status of the order is at any given time, HodCommerce is automatically synchronized to our Order Management System and then further synchronized out the sales channels that we have configured

Warehouse storage & security

Our fulfillment center is in Bangkok and is approximately 15 000 sqm. This vast area allows our customers to grow when their sales and product offerings grow. We can also offer temperature-controlled storage, FDA-approved storage, and other requirements that you might have

You only pay for the space you use each month, giving our customers the flexibility to grow when they need to without committing to any agreement or similar

Your goods can be stored either short-term or long-term, depending on your needs, but we usually focus on the inventory that does not have a very long shelf time. Our warehouse team assists you with unloading from trucks or containers when you get large shipments and can assist with quality control if needed

Your goods can be stored either short-term or long-term, depending on your needs
Your goods can be stored either short-term or long-term, depending on your needs

Inventory Control and reconciliation

We do routine controls monthly and compare the inventory in the fulfillment center with the inventory in our e-commerce platform, any discrepancies are followed up to understand why they occurred in the first place, and we swiftly take action on those

Courier management

Markethod has several courier partners to support your eCommerce business, and we work with the major couriers to give our customers the flexibility and service needed. HodCommerce integrates with the courier and handles package registration automatically  

We support cash on delivery and high-value transports

The end customer can track the shipment status through a link sent to them and keep track of the shipment

Markethod has several courier partners to support your eCommerce business, and we work with the major couriers to give our customers the flexibility and service needed

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