Grow your marketplace sales for higher visibility and conversion

Product listing and product content optimization

Looking for a way to stand out from the competition? Our product listing management services are just what you need to give your marketplace product a wide and reputed impression. Our professionals will add, upload, process and manage all your product data on marketplaces. Every marketplace has its own specifications and search engine rules and logic, we have long experience with how this should be done to maximize your revenue. Our experts can optimize your product feeds that can include product titles, and product descriptions with the correct SEO keywords to generate traffic to your product pages

Ad Management

Paid advertisement on the marketplaces is a powerful way to increase sales performance effectively. More importantly, having the knowledge, technology, and resources to manage and optimize ad performance is key to maintaining long-term profitability. Marketplace paid advertisement helps you do just that with adequate management of Sponsored Products campaigns across the entire product catalog

Store optimization

Marketplace Store Optimization is like SEO for a website. We help to identify and address the factors that increase your ranking in the marketplace and that give you visibility. Each marketplace has different metrics they use when they do the ranking. Some examples of metrics that are commonly used are revenue, return rate, SOT (Shipping on Time), chat response rate, reviews, etc. We help you to optimize the metrics that are important to you

Services summary

Creation of marketplace accounts (Shopee, Lazada, etc.) 

Creative artwork

Keywords analysis

  • Understanding of keywords for each product is crucial 
  • Frequent follow up on keywords CTR+Conversion rates for each keyword  
  • Required for successful bidding strategy 

Competitor analysis

Store optimization

Digital marketing services summary

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