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Having a complete SEO Audit can make your business grow faster, it will also help you:

Increase the number of visitors to your site by improving your web site position on search results

Improving your ranking opportunities by a proper keyword analysis

Improving your user experience (UX) by improving speed, navigation, call to action buttons etc.

It will also let you know where your improving areas are and much more, you should do this regularly to get ahead of your competition

Markethod FREE pre–SEO Audit will give you the necessary insight and the basic knowledge you need to decide if you want to proceed and let us help you all the way

If Any Questions About SEO Audit, We Have The Answers

What is SEO Audit? 

An SEO site audit is a method of assessing the factors that affect your website’s organic rankings. These audits frequently include on-page content-focused elements as well as technical back-end components that make it easier for search engine robots to crawl and easier for people to navigate 

Your PageRank is Crucial

Pagerank’s importance is that it specifies where your website will appear when a Google search is performed. Since getting results is critical, the chance of your website getting visitors is significant. You need to optimize it for search engines, so you get a good ranking result. This is the biggest challenge to get this right and millions of companies are dealing with this challenge daily. As you already know, search engines utilize web crawlers, and you definitely want those crawlers to rank your website high. If you get it to work properly your site will have superfast indexing, high reputation and authority, more guest post proposals, and last but not least you will probably make more money

Broken, bad or missing links

Google’s search algorithm considers links to be one of the most significant ranking factors, there are several types of link issues including missing internal links, CMS platforms that alter the file path of an image after publishing leading to a change in the post’s URL (broken links, which are any clickable text that takes you to an error page, time out, etc.), non-secure links, or dead links pointing to pages that are no longer on your website. These are of crucial factors for your site’s ranking and need to be dealt with immediately

Your site cannot be crawled, indexed, or rendered

If you have the perfect content on your site and are proud of it but it cannot be indexed or crawled by search engines your content is not worth it. There are many reasons why this occurs, maybe you are not using an optimized XML sitemap, content is accidentally blocked, structured data is missing, or messy site structure, etc. This is also a critical issue to solve to increase your ranking on search engines


Your page speed is super important and is a ranking factor. If you don’t tweak your homepage to have good speed google will worst case exclude your page and not rank, it, or your ranking will not be satisfying which brings you back to the main issue that your PageRank will remain low


Our fully SEO Audit analyzation performs all necessary steps to make sure you get the most out of a customized SEO audit. We will help you to identify all of the issues above and make sure you get higher ranking. By following our recommendation, you will eliminate many of your ranking issues. Call us today for a free consultation

Some Markethod SEO Audit Tactics

Site navigation

We will have an overview of your whole site and check if the links are crawlable, that the site does not contain broken links, that the site has a friendly URL structure and that the faceted navigation doesn’t lead to duplicate content and much more

On-page inspection

This is a term that is used to analyze different elements that are on your website pages, we check for the relevant SEO factors so you can improve positioning in search results, a god use of page elements like markup elements, meta titles, meta descriptions, and unique headline could be crucial for your website ranking. We will look at your most important pages like the start page etc. to see if they will be linked from the search engines, that the content can be rendered with basic JavaScript and that the page doesn’t include redirection, and much more

Design and user friendly

The reason why all business owners establish websites and put much effort and investment in, is to witness an increase in revenue. When the website has an attractive design, more people will visit it. This can only happen if the design provides a wonderful experience to everyone who visits for the first time. In our Audit, we check things like how mobile-friendly your page is (based on Google’s guidelines) that your web page has a responsive design, and much more


Above tactic list and many more must be checked and corrected to reach a result that brings the true results you need regarding your websites SEO.  
For example, having an in-depth knowledge of what Google is analyzes about your site is critical if you want to reach the top spots on SERPs. You probably will be at the front of the line if you execute your SEO strategy properly. On a responsive, fast website, you should include high-quality and reputable content in addition to conducting effective off-page link development. The rewards can be great if you combine technical SEO with content marketing Every company desire increased traffic, more interested leads, higher conversion rates, and increased sales. It’s all up to you. Our experts always rely on data, which we acquire using all available analytics tools or source independently if necessary. Our objective is to develop a viable and realistic SEO strategy, customized to satisfy the demands of our clients. 
We will perform all necessary steps to make sure you get the most out of this customized SEO audit. No time to waste, if you are considering these things today, you should solve the issues and move on to the next step of your digital journey, contact us and we will solve it with help of our tools and expert

Not Convinced Yet?

Our SEO audit report contains as many as 57 different check items (20 checks on the site level and 37 checks of status on the elements of your page to be exact) that are either on the site level or on your important pages. So, for example, if the SEO audit report includes 10 important pages it means that we check 390 items in the report! 

Below are some examples of what we check: 

  • Google best practices for Google bot index
  • Google index status
  • Verify Sitemap status best practices are applied
  • Verify if Robot.txt best practices are applied
  • Site navigation and URL structure
  • On page-checks (page level)
  • Page titles
  • Title structure on the page
  • Meta descriptions and meta tags

Above are just a fraction of our checklist, the list is long but after we have checked everything, we will inform you about your keyword ranking. We will also present our recommendations and help you implement a solution for you. 
By conducting an in-depth SEO audit and discovery session, you can eliminate the guesswork and determine what you’re existing and potential customers find appealing. An SEO audit helps you identify the next steps for your company based on data and your objectives. Furthermore, it establishes the groundwork for developing future marketing materials to ensure that you have engaging and effective content and messaging, a first-class, responsive web presence, and, most importantly, a reason for the world to come to your pages first


Q: How does it work? 
A: After you place your order, we perform a complete checklist of ranking factors that search engines use as we put your website under a microscope. We examine your webpage load times, mobile friendliness, keyword usage, internal and external links, analytics and reporting, coding, technical mistakes, crawlability, accessibility, and more. We then provide you with suggestions to improve your site, gain more visitors, and boost your revenue. Whenever we identify a problem in a particular section of the audit, we list it and describe how we may fix it. 
Q: You also can implement the recommendations for us? 
A: Absolutely, we will make a plan together with you and when we agree on it, we start the tweak of your website. We have the know-how and our experts have done this a lot, so you are in good hands.  
Q: Is the Pre-SEO Audit really for free? 
A: Yes, it’s completely free and will give you an understanding if it’s worth it to proceed to our full ranged SEO Audit 
Q: How much does a full SEO Audit cost 
A: An Audit is not a static and fixed process, it is a unique examination of your website customized and applied to your business goals. We can’t give you a price without knowing your goals and the full scope. All our solutions within an Audit are customized to each customer.

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