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Social Media Management

What is Social Media Management? 

Social Media Management is how you manage your process of presenting and drawing traffic to your brand online on different platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Line (mostly in usual in Thailand) etc. It is about creating and managing engagement with your audience on these platforms, using them authentically, which can lead to more sales, capitalizing on customer loyalty and creating brand advocates

Depending on if you want to use TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Line or Facebook, there are different ways and strategies to work with every one of these platforms and you must have the specific strategy such as organic or paid strategy etc. for each platform. We do this on a daily basis with our clients, save time, and let us assist with a custom social media strategy for your business. We will create a social media strategy for you by defining your business goals, identifying your target audience, learning about your competition, conducting a social media audit and creating crispy and well-defined content for your target audience

Competitive analysis

Competitive analysis has changed due to the growth of social media and web analytics. You need to look at a lot of sources of information to gather good information about your competitors. This allows you to build a more comprehensive picture of who they are and how you can exploit them to get ahead of the competition.
When you are planning to do a social media competitive analysis, remember that you should not just focus on your immediate competitors. To gain a significant advantage, you should conduct a more extensive research and compare your performance against your industry in a global perspective


Analysis of competitor and social media advertising planner

Our experts can help you

  • Determine the competitors’ presence on social media
  • Find out which social platforms they’ve chosen to have a presence on
  • Find improvements in your social media strategy and execute forthen
  • Find out your competitor’s strategy of using these platforms
  • Compare your results against your competitors

Market research

More and more businesses are recognizing the value of social media. Business-to-business companies can monitor social media conversations to determine the ‘feel’ towards their brand and consumer preferences, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their products or services. It is true that conducting market research can be costly and time-consuming. Many corporations have begun to rely on social media as a cheap, extensive method for gaining information about their consumers, markets, brands, and other market research aspects. When conducting market research with social media, the first step is to understand its advantages and design an appropriate research plan. You need to implement ways to give you enough with insight to measure your results. We can present intelligence on your consumer insights so you can easier make decisions how to execute toward your target market


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is important for increasing the organic traffic which is non-paid content that you publish on social media. Organic traffic is significant in ensuring the company’s success; therefore, it cannot be ignored. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the most important elements of digital marketing with a lot of benefits, such as: gaining brand recognition, increasing sales, measuring success with analytics, helps you get market insights, higher conversion rate, increase inbound traffic and much more. Social Media Marketing can have several goals everything from engaging visitors to interact, build follower base, increased brand awareness, sales, or lead-generation – all with the overall goal to expand and grow your busines


Social media SEO is how social media engagement and activities can boost your website’s organic traffic through search engines. This topic is always hot and never gets old, but it doesn’t directly contribute to SEO, meaning social media don’t directly help your search engine rankings, so the links that you share on Facebook, Twitter etc., may help your brand get more exposure, but they will not be seen as a ranking signal on Google’s algorithm. Many top-ranking websites have strong social signals. So, it’s essential for Digital marketers, to invest in social media marketing strategy to improve their chances of performing well in the earch engines. We can help you by developing an effective social media strategy exposure that has a solid SEO plan which includes both, meaning we get up your ranking as well as your br,nds, because both go hand in hand

Social media content & creatives

Social media content generally means anything a person or company has posted or shared with others on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. It could be anything from text and infographics to photos, links, or videos. To succeed and stand out from the crowd, your business needs rich content and infographic about your products and services and a proper social media content calendar, because the content mirrors your brand; therefore, constantly maintaining and creating creative content is essential. By following a strict calendar, you also show your awareness and attention to detail and understand your audience well. It is a master plan for creating, publishing, and maximizing engagement with your audience