Website Management

Enhance online presence with website maintenance and updates to attract customers

Website management

Our website management service includes everything you need to keep your website available, secured, well-performing, and updated. Read more about what we include in our services

Website operations

The complexity of operating a website is increasing because of the advances in technology and the sophistication of viewing environments. Website operations grow into more complexity every day. Our website operations service is designed to keep your website up and running smoothly. If your website experiences any availability or performance issues, our service will immediately take action to fix the problem. We also verify your website’s performance configuration frequently to make sure it is up to date with the latest best practices. If any changes are needed, we will make them for you

Our website operations service is designed to keep your website up and running smoothly

Website monitoring

Our website monitoring provides you with availability and performance monitoring 24 hours a day, we understand that the availability and performance of your website are crucial for your business. The monitors will send to our operations team which will look at the problem and remediate it

Website security management

Having proper Website security is crucial and has always been, there are serious threats such as your and your customer’s information could be at risk, the number of hacks keeping increasing, and hackers coming up with new angles to perform new attacks.  Our security management service consists of two parts the proactive and reactive parts. The proactive part is to make sure that your website is configured with the latest best practices and to not expose any information that is not relevant to external users. We always configure a web application firewall that can prevent many attacks (no guarantee for all of course) to increase security


security management service consists of two parts the proactive and reactive parts

We have built our security management service on well-established security services that gather a large amount of data globally that helps us to identify external threats to your website. Some security threats that we frequently monitor are malware, approved logins, hacker attacks, brute-force attacks, data leaks, compromised logins, etc.

When a competitor’s website is hacked, establishing your business as a trustworthy source with a secure website may be invaluable. Prioritizing web security and setting yourself apart from other businesses may lead to increased sales

Website maintenance

For many, website maintenance is to act when something is already broken or not working, for us, it is to follow up on a daily basis if something needs to be taken care of. Normally we do weekly updates of your website but in case it is urgent security issue we do the remediation the same day or latest the next day after a solution is available.

The website maintenance applies to both plugins and WordPress updates.

There are several aspects that contribute to a successful website, and website maintenance is no exception. While website maintenance can be handled in-house, partnering with an experienced web agency like we take the load from your personnel and guarantees that your site is always up to date-and safeguarded

SSL-certificate updates

SSL-Certificate helps you secure your website and users from a range of cyber-attacks, all data traveling through the TLS connection is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping, impersonation, data theft, identity theft, and man-in-the-middle attacks. Phishing attacks are also reduced as a result. We provide your website with updated SSL certificates and keep it secure from unwanted attacks and lots of headaches

Website Hosting

There are several benefits to having a reliable partner that handles your website hosting; It’s reliable, your website performance will be improved, you get outstanding technical support, improve your sits security, and much more. The hosting for the website is often something that is not getting a lot of consideration during the website design, we have several websites hosting solutions depending on your requirement and your website complexity and traffic volumes. Our website hosting consists of our custom-made best practices that we have developed over time.

We choose a region for your hosting depending on your customer target group location, we have the ability to service you on all continents


Investing in a proper backup solution is an important part to make sure that the valuable information such as content, design, analytics gathered and other information that might be valuable that have been collected over time is backed up in case of any error or other problem that might occur

Proper backups protect website data, facilitate disaster recovery, enhance security, meet compliance requirements, and provide peace of mind

Mail gateway

We provide a mail gateway that will be used for administrative purposes and for notifications to users. The mail gateways we use are reputable mail services to minimize the risk that your important email to potential customers is not getting flagged as spam. If you need to send mail in larger quantities, we are a partner with Mailchimp that provide such a service. We also have an integration between our web solution and Mailchimp so you can automatically populate your mailing lists from the information that you gather from users on your website

Performance package

When we develop websites, we use a standard set of software and plugins that we know are working as expected and that are well-maintained. We use a few performance plugins to improve the performance of your website as that is an important factor for user experience and also ranking on Google. All websites from Markethod come with our “performance package” with a set of modules that have the optimal configuration based on our long experience of operating high-traffic websites

eCommerce Web Store

To start your eCommerce website is one thing but monitoring, maintaining and updating it is another. Often the business owners are not so tech savvy and do not have the time nor the interest to manage the website. This is where Markethod steps in and takes responsibility for the whole process so you can focus on other important things

We have built HodCommerce which is our multichannel commerce solution, HodCommerce provides a lot of important features for the web store

eCommerce functionality

This is one of the most important aspects of website management and is an important factor if you want to increase your sales conversions and earnings. For achieving this goal, you will have to have a user-friendly design which is a crucial factor in the equation. Another feature is a fast-loading page which needs a bit of tweaking to accomplish

Other features could be:

  • High-resolution photos and videos
  • Special offers
  • Security features
  • Social proof
  • Wish lists
  • User Reviews

SchoolHod web store features

  • Synchronized inventory with all channels
  • Automatic integration with Order Management System for efficient fulfillment
  • Centralized product management
  • Newsletter integration

Our customers have an enjoyable and secure online shopping experience with our e-commerce solutions, contact us for more information.

HodCommerce service which provides you with all the functionalities you need to offer your customers a seamless and effortless customer experience
Our service is intended to keep your online shop working smoothly in all aspects

eCommerce website operation

The difficulty of managing an eCommerce website is increasing thanks to technological advances and the growing demands for viewing experiences are rising. Also, since your eCommerce site often is depending on many integrations you need to make sure that all these are working without interruptions, so a not well-operated website can cause a loss of revenue and even become an unnecessary expense. One of these highly important integrations is the payment gateway that is connected to your orders, you don’t want that to fail. Our service is intended to keep your online shop working smoothly in all aspects. If your website is unavailable or malfunctioning, we will fix it rapidly

E-Commerce Website Monitoring

Your brand and business objectives could be damaged if your digital storefront is broken, slow, or unavailable. In addition to verifying that your website is functioning properly, monitoring website performance requires a deeper level of inspection. Your site’s performance, as well as your marketing campaigns and collateral, is contingent upon how well it functions. People accessing your site from different browsers, devices, and platforms will experience your website differently. Performance monitoring, beyond ensuring that your systems are active, includes checking for all website problems in advance. We perform comprehensive checks on every page element to ensure a superior user experience and will assure you that your website is available and monitored at all times. We check even more things that include the whole stack of technology such as the operating system, database, and the database itself and we also perform transaction monitoring so that basic transactions can be fulfilled

verifying that your website is functioning properly, monitoring website performance requires a deeper level of inspection
We assure you that your WordPress and the plugins you use are always updated, we also check for compatibility issues

Website updates

Website updates are crucial for security reasons among other things. We assure you that your WordPress and the plugins you use are always updated, we also check for compatibility issues, check WordPress and plugins on a daily basis, and if any security vulnerabilities are reported we take action on it on the same day

SSL-certificate updates

An SSL certificate can help you protect your website and your users from a variety of cyber-attacks, including eavesdropping, impersonation, data theft, identity theft, and man-in-the-middle attacks. TLS connections are encrypted to ensure that those techniques do not occur. We’re here to assist you to maintain your website secure

An SSL certificate can help you protect your website and your users from a variety of cyber-attacks

Marketplace store management

We help you operate your online store regardless of if you have it on Lazada or Shopee. We will also make sure to optimize your sales by working with your content, conversions, and strategies

Ad management

Paid advertising is a powerful way to increase sales performance effectively. More importantly, having the knowledge, technology, and resources to manage and optimize ad performance is key to maintaining long-term profitability. Paid advertisement helps you do just that with adequate management of Lazada’s Sponsored Products campaigns across the entire product catalog

We have a dedicated team that will help you operate your online business in different markets and marketplaces. We help you optimize your Ad management so you can determine the strategies for your eCommerce that lead to higher conversions and in the end new customers

Product page management

To find the perfect balance on your page with products, to not have too simple a page nor a page stuffed with information is hard. You want to grab the visitor’s attention and increase the “stickiness factor” on your page. The content and infographic play a crucial role in how your store is perceived by visitors. We help you with several factors to succeed with this complex task by work with your pictures, CTA’s, and navigation between pages and will create urgency which is a very important factor in this equation. If the customer trusts you, they will leave good reviews and that’s essential for your business

Artwork optimization

It’s very important to work with your images on your marketplace and make them align with the product information so the customers get a good feeling.
Optimizing your marketplace’s artwork is a make-or-break factor, we claim this because we have noticed that Consumers are mostly interested in viewing and inspecting products rather than reading about them. We provide you with simple techniques and advice to enhance your images and make them eCommerce-friendly so you can take the next step on your retail internet success journey

Keyword analysis

It is crucial to understand that keyword research is still the basis for all SEO efforts. To escalate your marketplace success there are certain measures to be taken under consideration, we mention a couple of them below:


Search engines use keywords to help searchers find what they want rapidly. Find your top keywords related to your marketplace and products by considering user intent. Those keywords will lead to meaningful traffic, but the bad or bottom ones yield little interest

You must tag these with keywords, creating an engaging product title to generate the most searches and achieve the best SEO marketplace results

We will help you with the above and perform detailed keyword research and much more, so your keywords will be the most relevant based on your business and products

Competitor analysis

Performing proper research about your competitor’s ranking is a crucial part of your research, you need to find at least five or more competitors that provide the same service as you and then analyze the keywords.

We will also look into Google Trends to see related terms and queries to see what top product keywords people are searching for and much more

Campaign management

We help you create well-defined campaigns for your marketplace by defining help you are defining your campaign goals, and help you with your targeting so you know who your target audience is and who is most likely to purchase your products, this is done by gathering information about demographics, buying habits, interests and more. We also help you try different strategies to figure out what works and not work and finally test and refine your strategies for you and give you a complete solution

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